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USD/CNH keep looking to 6.9950

Jul 08, 2020

Further decline in USD/CNH if the 6.9950 level is breached in the near-term.

USD/CNH: No change in the current rangebound theme

Jul 06, 2020

USD/CNH is still expected to navigate within the 7.0400-7.1000 range in the next weeks.

USD/CNH has now moved into a consolidative phase

Jun 18, 2020

Our expectation for USD to ‘edge higher to 7.0960’ did not materialize as it traded in a relatively quiet manner between 7.0701 and 7.0905 before ending the day largely unchanged at 7.0760 (-0.06%)

USD/CNH: A deeper pullback remains in the pipeline

Jun 05, 2020

USD/CNH could drop further on a breach of 7.0850.

USD/CNH now faces some consolidation

Jun 01, 2020

The sharp and rapid drop in USD last Friday came as a surprise as it closed at 7.1340 before extending its decline this morning

USD/CNH hits record highs, US determines Hong Kong no longer autonomous

May 27, 2020

The USD/CNH (Chinese offshore yuan) rose to an all-time high on Thursday at 7.1965 and then pulled back modestly.

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